The challenge is not just trust, but getting their attention long enough to build it…

Many people have commented on the peculiar mix of markets I profess to specialize in. I mean, what does marketing to B2B markets possibly have in common with non-profits or family caregivers??


So here is the answer…


1. Multi-layered Accountability: In each case, the person (or people) you are marketing to have extra layers of accountability back to the organization, a board of directors, government ministries, committees or family members. Making a decision, therefore, comes with risk not only to themselves but others around them.


2. Trust: The path to building trust is different for these markets than it is to building trust in a direct relationship with a consumer. Because of the added layer of accountability and risk, trust is harder to earn and mistakes made during this process are viewed more critically.


3. Relationship Model: These markets are looking (typically) for longer term relationships. It is the result of the extra effort to earn trust. They want to establish the relationship and get on with what’s more important with the understanding that you are going to continue to play your part and not take advantage of their trust thus compromising their accountability.


4. Gatekeepers, Users and Decision-makers: We all know B2B marketing and sales involves multiple people within the target organization. But does the same logic apply to family caregivers? Indeed it does. A family caring for an ill or disabled loved one can be an incredibly complex customer. Who fills each role and how do they influence each other? How does the charity or health professional factor in? Further, the same logic works with non-profits when you look at the 3 distinct layers such as community/members, bureaucrat/management and politicians/Boards.


When you really look deep into human communication, you can identify powerful generic patterns such as the one’s I have identified above. Now, this is not to say that each market does not have its unique complexities, particularly B2B based complex sales, but understanding these patterns gives you a significant leg up towards improving the potential influence of your marketing.




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