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The Nature of Situational Influence

May 23 2013 Jeff Wilson

After years of exploring the nature of influence, I firmly believe I am now, and have always been, inconsequential. That being said I also believe, like Galileo did about the sun and earth, that our view of influence is strongly based on the beliefs of those that benefit from it the most. This current self-centered view of influence puts man/woman as the center of the influence universe – a view I do not share and believe to be the exact opposite of the truth; a truth many would consider heresy.

Customer Experience is Influence

May 21 2013 Jeff Wilson

The issue most enterprise companies have is a CX that’s schizophrenic and fractured; at any time delivering a terrible experience to a great experience at each touch point. The resulting dysfunctional customer experience leads to poor influence (possibly even negative influence) and ultimately a crap shoot for customer business.

The Balance of Emotion and Logic in the Customer Experience

May 03 2013 Jeff Wilson

By Jeff Wilson   Whether it’s the decision to buy a vehicle, go on a date or do business with a company, in every instance, every decision we make is governed by both emotion and logic. In fact the proper interaction of the two can lead to better conversions, more leads, better quality of leads […]

The Yin Yang of Customer Experience

Mar 27 2013 Jeff Wilson

Over the centuries, philosophers, scientists and poets alike have tried to capture the definition of an inexplicable force that governs much of our existence.

In theory, formula and verse their attempts to give it some form we could all begin to understand took shape in powerful words to describe a natural force that affects kings and queens as equally as it affects us lowly peasants.