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The Age of Selfie-ishness

Jan 18 2015 Jeff Wilson

It’s been a year and a half since my last post here (Cryogenics, who knew it would actually work!), so I figured I’d restart on a humorous note by covering…   The Selfie! A word recently added to the Oxford dictionary to immortalize and make official the act of visual self-love.  A leading and highly […]

Grumpy Cat to Play Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto in Upcoming Film

May 31 2013 Jeff Wilson

Details are now coming out about a recent movie deal, for internet and media sensation Grumpy Cat, also known by the name Tardar Sauce. It looks like Ms. Sauce has landed the lead role in the upcoming feature film chronicling the troubled life of Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto. Grumpy Cat beat out Rosie O’Donnell for the lead role to play the troubled mayor of Canada’s largest city.

Is VISA’s #smallenfreuden a #großfehler?

May 17 2013 Jeff Wilson

On the first post under Running with Scissors – a sharp look at the follies of marketing, we look at VISA’s #smallenfreuden marketing campaign.   You may have seen the videos or commercials and asked yourself “What the hell was that?” #smallfreuden is a cunning plot to build buzz around a new promotional marketing program […]

Learning, not Failure, is the Key to Lasting Success

Mar 18 2013 Jeff Wilson

There has been much discussion and writing recently suggesting and even claiming that failure is the key to success. So, my point of view on “Failure is the Key to Success”…